Fee Structure

Keeping it low

We hate that even have to charge a fee, and that's why we do everything we can to keep it as low as possible! We've built our platform to be as simple and hassle free as possible.

At HUDU, we believe in making things as simple and straightforward as possible, and that includes our fee structure.

For Listers, posting a project is completely free and Doers can place bids on the project at no cost.

It’s not till the Lister has received bids and they choose to award it to a Doer that a fee is incurred. By this point, we hope the Lister has saved significantly more than 5% when compared to the traditional way of getting things done. 

When the Lister awards the project, they are charged the full project amount plus the 5% fee. HUDU then securely hold the project payment until the work is satisfactorily completed.

Once the project is complete and the work is approved by the Lister, payment is deposited directly into the Doer’s account. HUDU charges 15% from the total project amount. This helps us cover platform costs and enables us to continue to improve our ecosystem for the users. This fee is deducted automatically, so there’s no need for the Lister or Doer to worry about it.

By being open about our fee structure, this allows the Doer to build the fee into their bid. For example, if they need to make $100 on a project, they could bid $118. 15% of $118 = $100 (and some change).

We strive to keep our fee structure transparent and simple, so everyone knows exactly what they’re paying for and why. Our goal is to make it hassle-free for Listers to get the help they need and easy for Doers to earn money doing what they love.